Founder and Director

Anyieth D’Awol earned her LLB in Law and LLM in Human Rights from Leicester University in the United Kingdom. She has worked as an independent researcher for the Clingendael Institute documenting HIV/AIDS in post-conflict South Sudan.  She has also written on women’s rights.  Anyieth is the author of a chapter on sexual violence in Hope, Pain and Patience: The Women of South Sudan edited by Freiderike Bubenzer and Orly Stern.

In 2006-7 and 2009-9 Anyieth was a Human Rights Officer for UNMIS (United Nations Mission in Sudan). “We were doing so-called capacity building, but we kept seeing the same people.” Anyieth has said. “Why don’t we do something practical, teach people to take care of themselves?” In 2009 she founded the ROOTS PROJECT with the aim of providing a secure environment for women to pursue economic independence through tribal crafts.

Anyieth is South Sudanese by birth. She has lived in Norway, Tanzania, China, England and Sudan. Anyieth is also a US citizen.

Interviews with Anyieth

BBC News Interview

Dateline Story

Dateline Australia. See Anyieth & the ROOTS CENTRE at 12:58.

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