Angelina Najaki.JPG

She is Taposa by tribe. Age 35 years old. Married with one son and husband, lives in the village.

Before she joined the ROOTS Project, Angelina used to do local brewery to pay her son school fees and for survival. Felt tired after multitude of incidents leading to fights, insults and sometimes no profit gain. At end led to her drunkenness. She decides to quit and starts searching for another job.

After joining the ROOTS Project, she felt relief and can have rest and time for her and family. Able to afford son’s school fees, family utilities and self care and felt without her husband’s support she can do it on her own.

Furthermore, attending the literacy classes has helped her move to a second level of her life. Though it is hard but good she said. I can spell and write my name, read the alphabets and count numbers. I am sure I can make it to the next level. I thank the teacher for his help.

I love the Women. They help and advice me to come to work every day in which I used to escape work due to my drunkenness. Now I quit drinking alcohol and concentrate on my work.

Thank you Anyieth. If it wasn’t for this Centre, I won’t have been alive.