Success story of Lucia Kedis Ibel in her words

I am from the Lopit tribe. I was an orphan and married young and blessed with 5 children in which 4 died and left me with one, an 11 year old girl. Husband is working as a security guard and earning little to care for the entire family.

In the past, I used to work as a farmer in the village. Decided to visit Juba to search for other opportunities because I was very tired of farming.  Got information about the ROOTS Project from my neighbor; who said that the Centre is helping women like me. 

I visited the Centre in mid January 2016 and registered on February 1st, 2016.  I came with little knowledge, but learned a lot within the short time. Gained other skills and build relationships with the other women of ROOTS.  I can seek advice and support from them compared to past experiences where there was no one for her.

My first salary, I registered my daughter in school for her first time ever to be in school. The remains I purchased food. I plan my next salary to purchase my daughter a school uniform and exercise books.

At the ROOTS Centre, I registered with the literacy classes. This is also my first time in life to be in class and hold a pencil with an exercise book. I never knew I could manage the class. But now I consider myself very lucky to be given such an opportunity. I am very happy.