Success Story of Angela Najaki in her own words

I am from the Taposa tribe, 35 years old. I am married with one (1) son and husband lives in the village.

Before I joined the ROOTS Project, I used to do local brewery to pay my son's school fees and for survival. I felt tired after multitude of incidents leading to fights, insults and sometimes no profit gain. At the end it led to my drunkenness. She
I decided to quit and start searching for another job.  After joining the ROOTS Project, I felt relief an could have time for rest and time for my family. I am able to afford my son's school fees, family utilities and self care. Without my husband's support I can do on my own.

Furthermore, attending the literacy classes has helped move to second level of my life. Though it is hard but good . I can spell and write my name, read the alphabets and count numbers. I am sure I can make it to the next level. I thank the teacher for his help.

I love the Women. They help and advise me to come to work every day in which I used to escape work due to my drunkenness. Now I quit drinking alcohol and concentrate on my work.

Thank you Anyieth. If it wasn't for this Centre, I won't have been alive.