A day at The ROOTS PROJECT Centre

The women of The ROOTS PROJECT represent a wide range of cultures and experiences. The members bring the unique styles and traditions of their tribes and learn new techniques from each other.  Through working side by side, sharing their children and their lives, the women form personal relationships crossing tribal boundaries.  They provide social and emotional support to each other and are mutually invested in the PROJECT's success.

The Centre provides an opportunity for the women to earn an income while improving their skills and caring for their children.  Each day the Centre provides service, without which many of the women would not be able to work.

  • $30 treats a child for malaria
  • $120 educates a child for one year
  • $250 is the monthly salary to hire a part-time literacy and math teacher for The ROOTS PROJECT Centre
  • $800 buys meals for 60 women and their children for one month

Relocation of the ROOTS CENTRE

The CENTRE has been moved to a temporary location, directions below

From Ministries road:-  turn left to Hai Thoura road then turn left at the Buluk Police station then turn right at the Buluk Namuzukia primary/secondary school and Football ground on left then continue to Juba Technical Secondary School on left then turn left at the end of school fence then turn right at the small round about straight to the ROOTS Project on right and American School on left

From Malakia road heading to Juba University:- Gemtel office on left and turn right at Senay Hotel, then turn left and see Falcon hotel, turn right at Falcon Hotel and right at Rift Valley Hotel, cross Badi Bridge then the ROOTS Project is on left and American school on right




Construction of the original ROOTS Project Center began in December 2009 and funding was received in March 2010 from the Embassy of France in Sudan covering about half the cost of construction. During that period the women continued producing beadwork, managed the construction and purchased and managed building materials. The ROOTS Project held numerous fundraisers and sales to complete the centre and provide income to the women. Individuals donors also ensured that activities and construction continued. The main buildings were completed in September 2010 and supplemented by funding from the Tides Foundation which covered the cost of the Kid’s Tukul (children’s area) and electrification in February 2011. In March 2013, the roof above the office and shop collapsed following torrential rain and wind (no one was injured) and reconstructed by September 2013 with funding from UNESCO, sales, donations from well-wishers and generosity of the UNMISS Engineering section who rebuilt the roof. 

Events at The ROOTS Centre

The ROOTS PROJECT Center regularly holds events to raise funds and promote cultural awareness, people’s empowerment, peace and unity. These include the ROOTS Jams featuring local artists and traditional singers and dancers. In addition to the ROOTS Jams, the centre has hosted fashion shows, live theatre and art exhibitions.  The centre has held sales promoting other local artists and extends its facilities for children in the communities to have a safe place to learn and play.

Help moms at The ROOTS PROJECT care for their children.