Help Women of South Sudan Craft a New Nation

Our Mission

ROOTS of South Sudan is a 501c3  founded in 2011 to empower South Sudanese women and youth through the preservation of traditional Sudanese arts & crafts.  

ROOTS of South Sudan raises funds and facilitates grant applications on behalf of The ROOTS PROJECT, a Sudanese NGO founded by Anyieth D’Awol. The funds are used to support its facility (located in Juba), the project's craft activities, equipment and learning materials and provide members with job skills, literacy and math training; and a safe environment for mothers and their young children to work and learn. 

In addition, ROOTS of South Sudan promotes, publicizes and markets the arts and crafts created by the women at The ROOTS PROJECT. 


What We've Achieved

  • As many as 80 women are members of the centre

  • Additionally, ROOTS women support 30 women living in the UN IDP camps near Juba

  • Each members' income supports 6-10 family members

  • A minimum of 27 women attend literacy and math classes three times a week participating in the "earning while learning" program

  • 24 tribes are represented among the women who come to The ROOTS PROJECT Centre

  • Healthy meals each day have been provided at no cost to the members

  • 15 children as young as three months come to the Centre with their mothers

  • 75 women have received emergency assistance from the Centre

  • $500,000+ of income has been earned by ROOTS PROJECT members from 2011 - 2018 through transfers from the US non-profit ROOTS of South Sudan. This is in addition to the money earned at the Centre in Juba, South Sudan

People and Places in South Sudan

Help moms at the ROOTS Project care for their children.